Single-use High Security Electronic Cable Seal 

Security seals are tamper evident mechanisms used to to seal cargo in transit shipping containers, truck trailers and railroad wagons in a way that provides tamper evidence and some level of security. Such seals can detect and warn possible theft or contamination, either accidental or deliberate.           FLETESEAL  FS-22011 and FS-22022 are the novel single-use Electronic High Security Seals for shipping containers, railroad wagons and trucks-trailers.

Single-use  Electronic  High  Security  Seal FS-22011  is  in  the  development  stage  and  is  intended  to  seal  the  shipping  containers, railroad carts, cargo trailers. The device is designing to meet the the ISO 17712-2013 requirements for HIgh Security (H) seals and is equipped with the patented  integrity  monitoring  system  based  on  the  fiber optic   technology, GPS receiver, GSM transceiver and 13 Ah primary battery.  Continuously checking the integrity  of  the  seal by help of the optic wire technology from the point of loading the container to the point of unloading.
The device is able to operate up to 90 days (if sends by default “heartbeat” message every 2 hours). If the seal became tampered the alert signal with GPS coordinates and date/time stamp inside will be send via GSM network
.                                                                                                                                  The BLE version FS-22022  contains the  High security cable seal + BLE (Bluetooth Low energy) cable cut alarm and is intended for integration with BLE enabled 
GPS/GSM tracking or telematics devices. 


                                                                           FS-22011  (GPS/GSM )                                                                               


FS-22022 (Bluetooth Low Energy)